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Build Trust everyday

Build Trust Everyday 

Longevity, Recognition, Respect, Comfort, Knowledge: These are all things that we want from a job. When I speak to our employees that currently enjoy these things, who have celebrated 3 year anniversaries, 5 year anniversaries and 10 year anniversaries, I see similar inputs, similar efforts that yield these results. Each build simple habits that pay big dividends. Because it's a habit, it doesn't take much effort.

Cathie tells me she's been on time everyday for the years she's been on the job. Christine works quickly and exceeds her quota with ease.  Maria has excellent customer service skills that helped her get promoted to lead, and then supervisor. Each employee with longevity has knowledge of the job that is unsurpassed by peers.

The real trust everyday.

It's really important that when you start a job that you arrive early and have perfect attendance. This helps you to build trust and develop a reputation of being reliable, trust worthy, a person who keeps his/her word. And, you begin to believe in yourself. The trust you build from being on time everyday pays dividends. You're selected to work on more interesting tasks, and trusted more to be your own boss. 

Once you earn that reputation, you'll have more flexibility should you need a schedule adjustment or have an emergency that causes you to be late to work. Because you've never been late or missed a day, it really appears to be an emergency. In a sense, you're spending some of the trust that you've saved up by your good habits. You create a piggy bank of trust that you can use when you need it. Build trust everyday in yourself, and in others, and you'll have a solid foundation on which to build your career.

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