New way to log into the eOffice:

Go to: 

CompanyID = alta
Username = your AltaStaff username
Password = your AltaStaff password

1. Please have your timesheet entered by Monday at 10am and approved by Monday at 5pm.
Payroll is processed Tuesday for deposit Wednesday, and Thursday for deposit Friday. Pay day is officially Friday.


Note: Please make sure to enter the correct dates for your timesheet.
In the upper right hand corner, Create a Timesheet From: Monday To: Sunday, and click VIEW.

Then, enter your hours next to each correct day, verify the dates are correct, and then SUBMIT your timesheet.

A timesheet with incorrect dates is not a correct time sheet, and may be rejected.

2. Make sure to check your paystub each week at
Contact AltaStaff with questions, or if your timesheet or paystub seems incorrect for the week worked
We're here to make sure you get paid correctly for your hours worked.

With our associate eOffice tool, you can:

  • Update your availability and contact information

  • Fill-in your Timesheets

  • View Past Assignments

  • Update your resume and paycheck information

  • Contact AltaStaff if you are having trouble logging in.

With our client eOffice tool, you can:

  • Review Candidates

  • Approve Timesheets

  • Submit Job Orders

  • View Assignments

  • Contact AltaStaff if you are having trouble logging in.