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Request a Leave of Absence from AltaStaff
1. Select an option:
*Note: Extensions require approval and timely submission of appropriate documentation
to support the request

2. Contact information:
*Note: Medical Leave (Medical Leave requests may require a signed Medical Certification from an approved Medical Practitioner)
Note: A return from leave due, to a medical issue, may require medical clearance before returning to work
4. Insurance Options
Note: Where leave is foreseeable, an employee should provide notice of leave to the employer as possible. After the first workday of paid sick time, an employer may require employees to follow reasonable notice procedures in order to continue receiving paid sick time.

Return to Work: Even if an employee has not used all the paid sick time, the employee must return to work at the employee’s next scheduled work shift after the need for leave ends.

No Discrimination or Retaliation: No discrimination or retaliation is permitted against employees for taking paid sick leave under the new law or for reporting complaints, testifying or instituting proceedings related to the law.

Please review AltaStaff Employee Manual for additional information regarding FMLA and Leave of Absence policies.

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