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How We Recruit

AltaStaff offers a specialized recruitment and candidate development program. Each program is tailor-fit to the client's needs and industry. 


Job Order from Client

  • Job Description

  • Pay Range

  • Start Date

  • Number of positions

AltaStaff In-house interview

  • Behavioral-based interview

  • Customized targeted questions

  • Prove-it Skill & Capability Assessments

Job Offers & Onboarding

  • Official offers upon completion of BG

  • Customized orientation prior to first day

AltaStaff Strategic Sourcing

  • ATS with 20K candidates

  • Strategic networks

  • Targeted industry expertise


Client In-house interview

  • Resumes sent for review 

  • Follow-up for feedback 

  • Background screening started


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