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The AltaStaff Team

Taz Wilson, Owner and President 

Since opening AltaStaff in 2007, Taz led her company to be a employee-focused, innovative staffing leader in Chicago.  She loves coming to work every day and seeing her vision evolve.  And to answer the question that always comes up, her name comes from a family name, Tazewell, not a WB cartoon character.  

Teja Robinson, Program Manager

With a Master's degree in Human Resources, Teja's staffing and recruiting career started in 2012 recruiting for different Fortune 500 companies. She now manages a team of AltaStaff recruiters along with several major accounts.  With her currently balancing the needs of our clients and building relationships with new client, and supporting employee relations for our active staff, she still manages to find time to spend with her affectionate, fun and orange 4 legged feline "child", Trouble 

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