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Interview Dress 

It is important to dress in a way that matches the dress code of your potential employer or client site. Consult an company's dress code online or ask advice from a colleague or friend. Keep in mind that your goal in the interview should be to convey your strengths to the potential employer or client and learn more about the opportunity; distracting from your qualifications with your appearance is generally not advisable.


The following are some suggested interview attire guidelines with general applicability to all interviewees:


  • Wear a clean, well-fitted suit and as appropriate a clean, crisp button-down shirt and tie and pants or a knee-length hemline

  • Dress your hair in a simple fashion back off of your face with minimal hair products

  • Wear dark-colored, unscuffed, close-toed, no or low-heeled shoes

  • Do your makeup, if any, in a natural fashion with clear or neutral nail polish and little or no perfume, cologne, or aftershave

  • With a knee-length hemline, wear stockings or hose regardless of the weather

  • Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum or at home altogether – less is more.

  • Clean and trim your fingernails


The above are general suggestions on professional attire based on industry experience. This should not be understood to discourage the use of any religiously or sincerely held belief required attire or accessories.

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