It’s not you, it’s your resume… 5 reasons why employers are just not that into you.

With today being the 183rd day since graduating and you are still living (unemployed) in your parents’ basement, it is time to get off the couch, take a shower and give your resume a total make-over. We are not talking just changing the font or adding a swirl at the top to give it some “drama”, we are talking about a “Stacey and Clinton,” throw-out the old resume, and start with a blank WORD document (yes, all the letters are capitalized in MS WORD) transformation.

AltaStaff in the News

Taz Wilson, President of AltaStaff, was quoted along with other human resources and staffing industry leaders in a March 14th publication of Medill Reports Chicago.

Becoming an Employer of Choice

Taz Wilson, Managing Partner of AltaStaff, recently presented "Becoming an Employer of Choice" at the City of Chicago Small Business Exposition on July 16, 2010.

We've Moved to 19 South LaSalle Street, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60603

AltaStaff has moved to the 8th floor of 19 South LaSalle in downtown Chicago.
Here's our new contact information and phone number:

The secret to a better interview

It's difficult to keep interviews on track. It's difficult for the interviewer and it's difficult for the interview candidate. There are so many reasons an interview can go wrong: stale coffee, an overcrowded mass transit system, a game that ends late the night before, ...planetary alignment. For all of the interviews which I've seen take a turn for the worst I've devised a simple strategy which seems to help turn an interview around, a perspective that helps to keep the interview on track.

In the News

Q&A: Farewell, faux pas! Be your best employable self.

By Sara Sargent
April 3, 2009

We all have preconceived notions about how a resume should look and what information a cover letter should convey. But, seeing as most of us are not hiring managers or HR reps, we might be off the mark. Taz Wilson, on the other hand, is right on the mark. Wilson, who works at staffing agency AltaStaff, sees hundred of resumes and cover letters from people looking to find jobs. Below, she tells you how to polish that resume and what never to say in a cover letter.

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Lost your job? Top ten ways to market yourself to potential employers amid recession

March 3rd, 2009


At a time when job losses are rampant and more and more Americans are finding themselves out of work, I decided to write an article that could potentially be helpful to a number of people.

What are steps job seekers can take to get a job amid the recession? I called a staffing agency to find out more.

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Staffing agency misses corporate clients, relies on part-timer applications

by Daniella Grossman
Feb 24, 2009

Since Taz Wilson first opened the doors of her Chicago staffing agency in July 2007, she has seen the demand for her business’s services change completely. She built AltaStaff LLC on strong referrals, a 100 percent employee retention rate, and a robust benefits package for temporary employees retained on her own payroll,

Thx for the Iview

A recent headline in the WSJ read "Thx for the Iview! I Wud [Luv] to Work 4 U!! ;)." In the article, hiring managers explain why it's important to showcase your business writing skills and how proper business etiquette can make or break an interview.

What 8 things do employees want most?

Is money the key to retention and productivity? It helps, says the Christian Science Monitor’s Marilyn Gardner, but it's not enough. Beyond pay and benefits, lie eight key factors that influence "happiness" at work—factors that motivate workers, foster accountability and make work more rewarding.

1. Appreciation

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